The art of solution engineering

L.B. Foster Automation can design, build and supply systems and machines to precisely suit your production demands.

Working mainly in Automotive, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing and Warehouse & Logistics, we have extensive experience delivering automated manufacturing and materials handling solutions to a wide cross-section of businesses. These range from bespoke machines such as Vertical Pallet Debanders, Horizontal Layer Debanders, Headliner Assembly Systems and weatherstrip Sealing Systems to conveyor systems including Floor Conveyors, Overhead Conveyors and Bespoke systems including Towline and Slat Conveyors.

As part of L.B. Foster, and with around 100 staff and £10M turnover, we are able to support SME’s to large global corporations and manufacturing companies.

All key disciplines for a successful project are undertaken in house – mechanical and electrical design, software and control, development, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and after sales support.

We take pride in our outstanding customer service and long-term partnerships. We serve customers worldwide – from the UK to Europe, North America to South America and the Far East to Australia & New Zealand.

2016 sees the union of Industrial Automation and L.B. Foster Materials Handling. It’s a great union, one creating an automation powerhouse in the East Midlands, an exciting future within a global company.

Martyn Paradise, MD L.B. Foster Automation
  • Lilian Greenwood MP Opens ‘Centre of Excellence'

    Lilian Greenwood MP Opens ‘Centre of Excellence'

    Nottingham. June 10th 2016. A new engineering manufacturing ‘Centre of Excellence’ was officially opened in Nottingham today by Lilian Greenwood MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.

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  • Conveyors and Other Moving Stuff

    Conveyors and Other Moving Stuff

    Standard conveyors are our bread and butter, but we’re just as keen on specials. We’ve just shipped a 14 metre long 7 metre wide slat band conveyor mounted on a moveable chassis for handling vehicle body panels, a series of conveyors that combined with sensors feed and orientate pallets the right way up, and a combination of belt, and roller conveyors to feed plastic floor tiles.

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